Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I come for the second time to talk about an issue that today has given much to talk about because for the transport industry has caused controversy, especially for taxis. This system was originally created in America but this has been transferred to several countries on our continent and to our country especially. In France, the Uber service is being recently implemented by the same company right now are starting their work, making people have to decide whether to use a regular taxi or call Uber who comes home to be picked up.

I have a lot of experience traveling by taxi and I know myself how taxi drivers work, the same taxi companies in Paris have different types of service to be able to transport their clients, I  have been friends of the drivers and they have told me their life stories and everything that has happened on their journeys. I know that every time someone gets into a taxi they can visit various places that were possibly not on their way to their destination, even the taxi driver can easily make friends with the passenger. I have decided to do research with which I can obtain information about the uber and compare this service with that of taxis and how it influences these new means of transport in the city of Paris. My relatives have used this Uber service and they have mentioned to me that rarely has the driver made any kind of direct contact with them.What I was able to investigate is that Uber is only contacted over the Internet through an application downloaded to the cell phone, the application works like a GPS enters your destination and your initial location, then you order uber and the driver arrives at your place to take you where you want. It’s a simple-to-use application that most people can use from their phone without having to call customer service or send a message, the request gets immediately to the nearest uber driver. One day I did the experiment of wanting to hire uber, I was at one end of the city and wanted to go to downtown Paris to do shopping, normally I would use my car since I own one, but from time to time I do taxi rides. When I asked for my Uber service the driver arrived in 10 minutes or a little more, it was not long that I had to wait to get a uber that would take me to my destination, I know which is the route I always take to get to the center in a faster way, the uber driver took an alternate route which made the trip slower.

I could also observe that traveling in Uber was a little more expensive than traveling in a regular taxi, I thought this was because Uber was new in the market and wanted to cover their expenses, but after a while I could see that it was a set price and that made uber was more expensive and slower. I have to accept that the atmosphere inside the car is quite relaxing, the driver offers you a variety of music which the passenger chooses and with the necessary comforts, with respect to the driver I noticed that the person in charge of the car is not directly related to the passengers, according to my family the drivers are not allowed to distract the drivers in their trips. Each car is equipped with the appropriate safety equipment, the cars have cameras and mirrors in good condition, which allow the driver to make the trip very safe.

Another day I went in a taxi with some of my driver friends, they were already warned about Uber. My friend mentioned me “Well I must say that Uber is a new opportunity for people, since people like to go out quite a lot at night and most of us do not work at night, people can easily ask for a car to take them anywhere. I know that this will be a great competition for us, but I know that we all have our good and bad sides, each driver should focus on what to do, for example, I have to work every day and be able to give security to my family. I know that Uber drivers have quite similar goals so this has become a great competition between Taxis vs Uber. I think we are winning the taxis because we have been working for a long time, and there are many people who trust taxis quite a lot, everyone has their own taste”. My friend was sure that he could continue working without problems in his taxi and to tell you the truth I also uber are something new that can have their place in Paris but the taxis have more time here and will continue for a long time later.

I recently learned that my younger brother, who just turned 18, got a job at Uber and got his license at age 16 and now he is old enough to be able to work. Since he goes to college he has to cover his own expenses and doesn’t have the necessary experience for another type of work, Uber opened the doors and gave him his first job opportunity. I was able to talk to him and he told me some things about Uber’s service. “Well, I work at my own schedule because in uber they don’t demand a fixed schedule and it’s a good opportunity because I have to study in the same way. Uber gave me an opportunity to get ahead and generate my own income, I know this is going to be a great competition because in the city there are many taxis that do their duty and also uber has many drivers today, but I know I will be able to do what I want and have my own income”. My brother had a good point in his favor because he needed part of his time to study and on the other hand he needed an income to be able to maintain his expenses, but there was something that I didn’t like about Uber and that was that his workers had to earn on the basis of their jobs since they didn’t demand time and they didn’t have a salary.One day I decided to use Uber again to learn more about this service, but that day the car took longer than the last time I used it, took about 30 minutes to get home and take me to the center of Paris, the uber driver did not apologize with the delay and said absolutely nothing. Another thing that happened on that trip was that the car was different, it was not equipped with the necessary security measures, the security camera was not there and the car lacked a rear-view mirror, which made me think that Uber did not provide cars in good condition and let anyone work in his company, regardless of whether the driver was trained or not. That same day I returned home in a taxi and upon leaving I wanted to file a complaint directly with Uber about my experience hoping to get some kind of response from Uber headquarters. It was 2 weeks before an email came to me saying that my complaint had not been accepted.

When I found out that this was the situation with the Uber company I decided not to use that service again, my brother tried to make me see reason but I knew that it was not a reliable company, since they admitted anyone to work with them. The next day I normally went to work in my car and in the city, I could observe several uber drivers who were applying to be part of a taxi company, at that moment I didn’t know what was happening because the uber drivers were looking for another job opportunity. I could ask one of my friends who works as a taxi driver in one of the best companies in Paris, told me Those new drivers were withdrawn from Uber’s service because they did not meet the safety standards comfort that Uber normally offers, I have heard that in other taxi companies have come several former Uber workers to seek some job stability. At that moment I thought of my brother since he worked for Uber.When I got home immediately I went to talk to my brother and asked him what had happened with the Uber workers, he answered: “What happened is that someone sent an email with complaints that a driver did not have the necessary conditions to keep Uber circulating and the company spent two weeks looking for and supervising those drivers, it turns out that there were several who did not respect those rules, I from the beginning follow the rules of uber to achieve maintain my position but now I ask for a little more of my time because there are fewer people working”. In that, my brother was right today I could see that there were several Uber drivers looking for work in the taxi companies.

When my brother told me the whole situation he was happy, because he knew that my brother still had his job and knew that he was a fairly responsible worker, the company showed commitment when they were able to find the problem that gave Uber a bad reputation. Personally I believe that this type of companies could work in Paris, if they are quotients and responsible for their own acts, since the last time I used Uber I have not required those services again because if I want someone to take me or the rest of my family somewhere I can ask for a private taxi to take me to the place I need in a very safe way.

My neighbors use Uber all the time before they used the private taxi service of the city of Paris, but lately, I have seen many uber drivers arrive at the door of their house and pick them up to take them somewhere. My neighbor told me that one of her relatives was a driver of Uber and that was the reason why they hired the service quite often, we know that taxis are now safer than before and their navigation system and calculation has been quite revolutionary in these times. Uber’s fares have risen in the last few months and every month more costs are being added to the trip in Uber. My brother has left Uber and got a job in a small business and fully working on his career, it has been two years since he stopped working with the company, according to him, the company asked him more time to work and were already running out of drivers due to layoffs. He had to reject that offer because he preferred his studies first. My mom says she prefers to go in a taxi to her favorite places with her friends since she had a bad experience with a Uber driver as well, a co-worker used Uber and the person driving the car didn’t know what the destination was, she had to get out of the vehicle and walk home.

One way or another I think Uber needs to make big changes in his work system so they would be forced to lose their business, today Uber is still operating on the streets of Paris although they are not as famous as in its beginnings.

My friend the taxi driver mentioned to me at the beginning that regular taxis would always exist since they have been present in Paris for a long time and that they could not be easily removed from the competition, I am still using the taxi service as I place the safety of my family first and I know that my best friends are workers of the taxi companies. Maybe one day Uber could be better.

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